Monday, May 3, 2010

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on kittens....

So JUST after I told everyone about May Gray and all that, the sun decided to come out and stay for a bit. Don't I feel a bit silly ;p
But since its here, Im going to take advantage of one of my most favorite things about summer...Frozen Yogurt. I have a pretty heated debate going on with Miss Steph about which shop has the more tasty delights. She is for Yog-Art, and I am a fan of the spoon. The Golden Spoon that is. Us regulars just say the spoon. Now unlike the healthier of the two of us, I like to substitute my ice cream with frozen yogurt. This means, I want it to be rich, creamy, chocolaty, and toppings that usually involve peanut butter. She likes it to be fruity with fresh mochi. You can see our vast differences. Although, I think i have found a truce in our battle....

Yogurt on the Rocks or their regulars call it.

I had the most amazing frozen yogurt flavor I have ever had in my life: Red Velvet Cake. Ok so now your going to combine TWO of my favorite things? Wow...heavenly. I am going to take Steph her for a food date next Wednsday. I will let you know her findings. I am hoping she will be impressed because she my friends is a true, inspirational foodie ;)

So in other news...ummm....ya....I did it. What do you ask...this:

I couldnt help was calling my name. The lady at Ikea asked if I was a baker or a chef...I chuckled and just said "Nope, I do hair" and left her there with a puzzled look as I walked out, cupcake apron in hand ;)

So on the hair front, I got my most astounding compliment to date last Saturday. It still has me reeling. I have a client who used to live in PB. She has now moved onto Orange County, but in the last two years still travels to San Diego to get her hair done (as if that is not compliment enough). I have known for some time that she has a hair stylist friend closer to where she lives who often offers to do her hair up there, but she is loyal to me and really enjoys the way i do her hair. Again, a compliment in itself. So Saturday she made her six weekly trek and we were having a good time catching up. I dont remember how we got on the subject, but her hair stylist friend came up in conversation. And then she told me who it was, and I was completely speechless and almost passed out.

Do you remember a post I did a while ago about a contestant on the show Shear Genius? About how she should have won but came in second place? And how she was so talented and inspiring? How she motivated me to try new things and expand my portfolio?? Janine Jarman?? Um ya....THAT is her hair stylist friend who always offers to do her hair. Thinking about it now leaves me at loss for words to type. So I am just going to say, it made me cry and I have never felt more honored. So thank you.

If you missed the post on her, and you would like to check her out, here she is....

Janine Jarman

It's a new month, which means a new promotion, and since we were already talking about Gray....might as well have May Gray be something to look forward to. This month I am offering ten dollars off on all over color services. This means just one color all over. Usually people do this when they are trying to cover gray. So let May Gray begin :) For appts, questions or if you just think I'm cool and you want to talk to the number in the About Me section. Ok fine...I know you dont want to scroll back up, so here it is: 619-384-2012 :)



  1. I just think you're cool and I want to talk to you!

  2. that's a super big compliment! but i always get compliments on my hair too :)

    You do know that Red Velvet is my favorite flavor of cake right?!?!?!? That means I am destined to eat red velvet yogurt!!! I can't wait!

  3. i had a whole conversation with one of my clients who just doesnt "get" red velvet cake. whats not to get. its good. put it in your mouth.

  4. :) Thank you for the shout out:)

  5. are SO welcome. Thank you for reading ;)