Monday, December 13, 2010

Wherever you go, go with all your heart-Confusius

There are people out there who will tell you that following your heart will only result in heartbreak. I myself have been told this many times. We are supposed to use our heads when making decisions, look for red flags, access the pros and cons, be smart, not foolish in the process. While this is sound advice, I for one have never been very good at it. There is nothing I do better than following my heart, for better or worse. I may have suffered a heartbreak or two, (ok more like 3 or a zillion) but even potential suffering could not discourage me from following my heart. Its what I know, and its who I am.

My heart hasn't always led me in the right direction of course, Ive made many mistakes of the years, but have learned from every single one. I will never be able to look back and say I wasn't true to myself.

So where am I going with all this you ask? Hold tight...I'm getting there.

So as most of you know I have been doing hair in Pacific Beach, Ca for going on seven years. I built my clientele, established myself and kinda thought I would be there forever. About a year ago I followed my heart and moved to Poway. Yes, you heard that right, Poway. I have been commuting for almost a year. I came to the eventual realization that driving to the beach everyday was hard on me and my pocket and that moving to a salon closer to home really just makes more sense. I started to look like this on my drive...

Not a good look for me ;)

So its happening. January 1st, 2011, I will be relocating. This is a really exciting time for me, but also a bit scary. Exciting because I am looking forward to new scenery, meeting new people, and basically just a change of pace. I am also scared because starting over is scary. But I have so much faith in this salon, I have no idea what I could possibly be scared of! It is also slightly bittersweet leaving the beach and everything I have known. Leaving past co-workers, businesses near by I frequent and those few clients that are not as excited about change as I am ;)

So now about the new salon. It is located in Rancho Bernardo and is called Roots Hair Salon. It is an older salon that is now under new ownership. The new owner and staff are dedicated to making Roots as "green" as possible and will only be using and selling the most environmentally friendly products. And yes, we will be recycling ;) The hours are great, the atmosphere is upbeat and professional and it has already been reviewed on Yelp.

So I am inviting all of you to either follow me on my new adventure, or come start a new one of your own. Take care of yourselves and your planet all in one place!

Im really looking forward too seeing my old friends and making lots of new ones!!


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