Wednesday, March 31, 2010

At last April is here! Spring! Or in San Diego terms, slightly warmer than the warm of our winter. But it does mean that the sun is out more and people are starting to think summer. The socks are put away, the flip flops are out and the hem lines are just a tad shorter. This is also when the requests for highlights start. People are wanting to feel lighter, and what better way to do that (with out the gym of course) is to lighten up their hair.

This is my favorite time of year because I get to transform people from darker shades, to brighter and bolder color. As I mentioned before, highlights do not necessarily mean blonde. In fact, they say for the most natural looking color, you should stay within 2 shades of your natural color. However this IS southern California, so we break that rule A LOT! But for those of you who think highlights=blonde, there is a way to add definition with out becoming a slave to bleach.

Speaking of bleach, there is one thing that honestly helps when you are highlighting you hair. It is possible to have healthy and color treated hair. Taking care of it is how this is achieved. I told you guys in my post about rainy weather hair, that deep conditioning treatments are a great way to revitalize unhealthy hair. Well you guys are in luck. Aprils promotion is all about healthy hair. I am giving away a free conditioning treatment will all color services in April.

You guys are going to be coloring your hair anyways, so this is a great way to introduce you to a service that will help your color last longer and your hair look and feel smoother. I am excited to see all the new colors that spring is going to bring. I am thinking caramels, auburn, butters, warm chocolates. Im hungry...haha.

We will both benefit from this free service, you, well one because its free ;), and two because your hair will look and feel healthier for longer, and me because when you feel good about your hair, you feel good about your stylist ;)

So I hope to see all of you soon, for the new improved "lighter" you....and you don't even have to diet!!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Letting go...

Life has been hectic this week.

I like how on Monday, I was like..."boo...Im bored, seems too slow, whine whine whine..." and now Im wishing I had even the tiniest amount of time to sit down and write. I've been super busy at work, which is awesome for my business, but wrecks havoc on my social life. (and by social life I really mean its preventing me from watching my trashy DVR'd television shows! I mean, if im not there to watch 90210, they might cancel it, and then what would I do??) So ya, Im just kinda short on free time. But the upside of all this, is I have done some really fun hair stuff this week, which always makes me so motivated to do more! I love when I have days where the cuts just work, the color is spot on, the styling fits the person and the energy just flows.

And here is where I get metamorphic-al on ya....

I thought "Letting Go" was an appropriate title for this blog. In case you haven't figured this out about me by now, I tend to find parallels between what is going on in my personal life and what is going on in my work life. This week is no exception. As you know, the "big cut" was this week. (which I will get to, I promise) What I didn't know was that I had another client booked yesterday who also decided to cut off most of her hair. Two people in the same day that were "Letting go" of their hair. Their reasons were very different, but the emotions of shedding their security were very much the same. And the interesting thing was, after they both made drastic changes, and let go of their hair, they both exuded confidence. The both naturally owned their new look, as if it was how it was meant to be. As if all that hair was somehow weighing down who they were 'supposed' to be. I know that sounds really strange, I know you are thinking, "Its just hair Casey, its not that deep", but I swear, I saw it with my own eyes, and it was really an unbelievable transformation. Wanna see??

I was recently in contact with someone that I knew years ago, in another place, in another time, who brought something to my attention. I was told that I was happy. Just calmly, naturally, happy. Something I really never had been before, and I just seemed content. Hmmm...I too have noticed this, but I never really thought about the reasoning behind it. Then I realized something that I now do that I was never able to do before. I let go. I let go of past resentment, heartaches, hurts, betrayals. I let go of the things I cannot control, or the things I bear no responsibility for. I freed up all of this space inside me to let the good in, and now I am the person I was truly meant to be. Its an amazing feeling when you meet someone who opens up your eyes and makes you see the good there is in life and the benefits of letting go. I am truly lucky.

One of my clients donated her hair to Locks Of Love . Just click on their name and see what an inspiration they were to her, and how you too can make a difference in someone else's life. Are you ready or willing to Let Go?


Monday, March 22, 2010

Insert Witty Title Here....

Compared to the events of last week, this week had seemed kind of mundane. Well I guess that is not really fair to say since it is only monday, and my life is not really ever mundane, but I guess everything just seems to be moving at a molasses pace. I don't know if it was the excitement of the reporters, or the extremely nice weather, but for some reason last week I felt like my energy was endless. Cramming more words than usual into my sentences, buzzing around a little faster, and doing it all with a huge smile on my face. Sometime around Saturday that faded. Not to say I am not smiling, or working hard, its just that this week it seems a little tougher. I suppose it is normal that life catches up with you sometimes right?? I am still waiting for my robot parts ;)

There are a lot of cool things going on this week however. For one, it is the boyfriends birthday! He is pretty low key when it comes to his birthday. He goes on his annual boys snowboarding trip and then usually comes home, eats some food and passes out. Oh how different we are! If there is not cake involved in my birthday, its a big problem, for everyone! Ha! I managed to get him a pretty cool tumbler for his birthday though. Shopping for him is either really hard or really easy depending on how you look at it. You cant just go get him something you think he will like, because he wont. So that part is hard. But on the other hand he will tell you exactly what he wants, where to get it and usually send you the link on the computer too. Easy. Just no fun!

On the hair front, we have the "big cut" on Thursday. I am not sure who is more excited, me or the girl cutting all her hair off!! But i think it is me ;) I also have a few clients coming in that I haven't seen in ages, so I am looking forward to catching up with them. This actually brings me to something I have been meaning to talk about. Bear with me, we are veering way off track.

It is one of the cardinal rules of hair dressing that you do not talk much about yourself to your clients. (other big time no-no's include anything having to do with politics, religion or sex, just in case you were wondering). I have even received this advice as recent as two weeks ago. Always put the focus on them. They don't need to know much about you. What is your boyfriends name? Do you have kids? What did your weekend consist of. These are all questions we have been taught to side step when dealing with our clients. Now here is my problem: Have you MET me?? I would tell a random guy on a bus my life story if he asked me. (ummm can we say blog?) Now I know there is a time and a place of course, but Im wondering, are the rules are changing, or have I been misinterpreting my clients interest? I would consider almost all of my clients as friends also. They really seem genuinely interested in my life and the contents within. So Im kinda stuck. Do I continue to be myself and own that my clients like this part of me and obviously come to me because we mesh well? Or do I stop talking about myself and risk them thinking I am no longer engaging with them? What do you guys think? I think first and foremost you need to be true to who you are, or you will look like you are faking it ;)

Ok so with out going into too much detail, April's promotion is just around the corner. Ill give you a hint...It involves highlights. San Diego kinda goes from winter to summer, and we all want highlights in the summer! Don't think highlights=blonde. To me it means, softening, dimension, changing the color you like rocking best!! So be on the lookout :)


Ps. I didn't quit smoking. If you'd like to donate quitting aids ie; gums, patches, lobotomies, whatever...Please drop off at
1950 Balboa Ave
San Diego, Ca

Friday, March 19, 2010

Celebrity Scandal, Reality TV and How it Relates to me...

What a bizarre last few days...

So by now pretty much everybody has heard about the "alleged" affair Jesse James had with a tattoo model. Well unless of course you live under a rock, or abhor celebrity gossip. So what does any of this have to do with me? Well nothing...well nothing really anyways.

San Diego has a lot of sub cultures. Hair and tattoos are two of them. Remember when I told you that hair dressers and the tattoo are very closely related? Well this is just another example of this. This tattoo model lives in San Diego and is a former hair dresser. Guess what salon she used to own? Yup. CherryBomb Salon.

Now this does not mean I worked with her. She abandoned the business two years before we ever even got involved with it. We are renting the spot that her salon was in. We changed the name from CherryBomb Salon, to CherryBomb Hair Studio. Since her name is still attached to the location, we have had reporters all over us the last few days. Every huge gossip news mag stepped into our place and/or called our individual cell numbers. My phone has never blown up so much. But we were not friends or anything. Now, with that said, I do know who she is. I have met her, but I wouldn't say I know her. But I do have friends that do. I have seen her at shows, tattoo conventions, around town, etc. You also know that I know ALOT of people in the tattoo industry and have a majority of friends that are covered head to toe in them. So by default, I am in both the hair AND tattoo sub culture. So to make a long story short...I never thought in any way I would some how be connected to celebrity gossip. Damn, its a small world we live in.

Speaking of which....Does anyone recognize either of the people in this photo?

This is Liz and her brand new Fiance Andy. Not sure which one you are supposed to recognize? Ill give you a tiny hint, It's Liz ;) Liz was a character/personality on Vh1's show Tough Love 2. She is also a faithful client of mine. When it came time to do her hair on the show, she whined and moaned because she didn't want ANYONE touching it except me. Gotta love her. Well she didn't find love on the show, but she managed to snag her adorable fiance shortly after filming TL 2. I had the pleasure of both meeting him and doing his hair yesterday. They truly are a great match. The energy of their meshing personalities is infectious. They are going to be auditioning for a new reality show for TLC where wedding planners vie for the chance to plan an $80, 000 wedding of the couples dreams! Lets all wish them luck, because I heard the details of their "dream" wedding and I promise you, this is something we are all gonna wanna see!!

Ok, last but not least, I have been telling you about a hair cut I am doing next week that I am so excited about. This is the cut Im doing..

As I mentioned before, the person I am doing it on has very long hair! So this is going to be so fun! As for the donation part of my last post, my client will be donating all the hair that we cut to Locks of Love, which makes wigs for kids with cancer. When I do the cut next week and post all the photos, I will give you all the contact info for Locks of Love and incorporate their mission statement, how to donate and more!

I am so looking forward to this weekend. I think Im going to try to sleep in tomorrow! But then I have to hit the salon. I must remind you, the end of march is nearing, and that Anniversary special will expire April 1st, so please book soon if you wanna take advantage!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Have you ever heard the phrase “your mouth wrote a check that you’re a** cant cash”? Well, if you haven’t it goes something like this……

Boyfriend: Im going to quit smoking.
Me: Uh, Ok. I've heard that a million times.
BF: No seriously, I am actually going to do it this time.
Me: You have been saying that for months, and every weekend you try to quit and every Monday you start up again.
BF: You’ll see. You’re gonna have to eat your words.
Me: Ok whatever (eyes rolling), if you can make it a month without one cigarette, I’ll quit smoking.

And that is what you call your mouth writing a check that you’re a** cant cash.
So today marks the one month mark. However "somebody" (ahem...him) smoked all weekend while camping. So in fairness (because I'm a stickler for fairness), I told him I got to add three days onto my quit date for the days he cheated. Seems logical to me. Even though, really it is just prolonging the inevitable. Ugh. Now those of you that know and love me are thinking "this is great news! yay for quitting smoking!". But the ones who REALLY know and love me, know that when I attempt to quit smoking, their lives are made miserable with my insane demands, crying fits, and over all brattiness. Wish me and all those around me luck ;)

In other news, one of my rad hairdresser friends came to town last night. Her and I worked together at Chain Salon X (the horrid place from past posts) and when I went to work at the first salon in Pacific Beach, I persuaded her to leave the insanity and come with me. Little did either of us know an entire different type of insanity was about to take place, but thats another story. All in all we have worked together for about three years. Unfortunately she moved back to her home town a few years back. People always say they will keep in touch, or we will still talk all the time, but everyone knows it never really happens like that. Luckily for us we are those special type of friends where you cannot see someone for three years, get together, and pick up exactly where you left off.

We planned a girls dinner last night at Mama Mia's (the ridiculously amazing italian restaurant next to CherryBomb). It was all the OG (original) girls at that first salon in Pacific Beach. Minus one huge part of the group who is living in Reno and couldn't make it down for this visit (but was totally there in spirit since we talked about her frequently). I was in need of some good conversation, good friends and of course chocolate. It was such a touching night. One of those nights where you think "god, I am so lucky to have these people in my life", and also " still remember that one night we swore we would never talk about again?" ;) We all have had some intense things happen to us since we had last seen each other, so there were a lot of tears, but thankfully followed by a ton of laughter.

One thing I do want to share with you though is the history of my name LadyFireFury. When we all went to work at the start up salon, we had a lot of time on our hands. We thought of all kinds of clever things to attract new clients, like hula hooping out front, creating essentially a living room on our front patio, lounging in the sun, etc. Someone brought us a book called "How to be a Villain". Upon going through it they had a page with three columns on it. The point was to choose a name from each column and that was your villain name. So of course immediately we all wanted to pick ours! Column 1...well, I'm more of a lady than a countess, so we will go with Lady. Column 2... Im a fire sign, so naturally I'm gonna pick Fire. Column 3....Hmmm, this is a tough one...Heart? No, that doesn't sound right, Hammer? No, that is all wrong. Fury, Yes thats is, LadyFireFury! And hence my alter ego was born.

Here is all of us on Halloween.

May we all continue to grow in our own directions, but always know that no matter what, we will all still love and support each other, no matter what, even if we are acting like "villains".

That was a lot more long winded than I had intended. I have some really cool stuff to talk about regarding a hair cut I am doing next week, but I know you guys have lives so Ill wait until tomorrow. But....Lets just say, there is going to be more than 10' of donated hair involved in this hair cut. OMG, I cant wait!!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Camping is "in-tents"

Ahh....Home sweet home. Its been a long weekend out in the wilderness, and I must admit, I'm happy to be plugged in again!
Although getting away for the weekend with my boyfriend was something I had been pressing for a while, and although I did agree to go camping, I have to let you in on a little secret. I, my friends, am not exactly what you would call the outdoorsy type.
I am not really a princess or anything. I dont mind getting dirty, or not showering for a few days, but a camper, I am not. I should mention that my boyfriend is a rock hound. Dont know what that is? I dont blame you. Basically it is someone who goes out to sites that are documented as having specific rocks and minerals indigenous to that area. Fascinating, I know. He is no stranger to these trips, but it was my first. So what is involved in these trips are long hikes out to remote (even more remote than the "campsite") areas, lots of hiking up canyons in the middle of nowhere, miles upon miles of what looks exactly the same to me. Wait....this is what camping is? I thought it was just S'mores, hot chocolate and hot dogs at night, and lots of sleep and leisure during the day? Apparently not ;)

Our accommodations

Night one

When we read the weather report to make sure it wasnt going to rain, we didnt bother to look at the wind...oopsy. It was FREEZING cold and my sleeping bag broke. It was a rough night to say the least. The morning wasnt a whole lot better. It was still freezing, the wind is now up to 70 miles and hour, no sleep, no coffee and the campers next to us decided 7 am was a fine time to start shooting. But off we went to search for rocks. I am pretty much less than enthused by this point. I decided that looking for rocks in this weather was not for me, so I stayed in the truck, which was wind free, or so I thought, til the back of the truck blew off. This day is not getting better. Eventually after the boys figured out the truck situation, we decided to go into town to get me a new sleeping bag. Ive seen a lot of crappy towns across California, but the winner by far is....Barstow. Dear god, Im sorry for the inhabitants of that place. Anywho, carrying on..We decided to try another campsite up the road about 30 miles. It was like heaven opened up and right in the middle was the Afton Canyons.

The rest of the weekend ended up being amazing. We were standing in the most amazing desert scenery I have ever seen. They call it the Grand Canyon of the Mojave Desert. The wind died down, which made the temperature bearable and we grilled chicken, had hot dogs and beans, hot chocolate and S'mores. Now thats what I'm talking about. This is camping! I was super toasty in my tent this time, which made for a pretty good nights sleep. The next morning it was warm enough for a tank top and we headed up to the site to find some rocks. I dont think I have to mention again that rocks arent really my thing, but Im a hell of a girlfriend! Half way into our four mile hike, I found something shiny on the ground. I picked it up and realized it was the most beautiful cluster of crystals. If they would have told me I could find shiny things( I mean after all, dont boys know that girls LOVE shiny things??), I might have actually looked all those times before. Now it was on. After about four hours of hiking and back, I now have in my collection some beautiful pieces I had no idea you could just find on the ground.

All in all, I had a really good time, and I am excited to do again. There is just one thing I would do differently this time....COFFEE!!


Friday, March 12, 2010

New and Improved

This last week I have been lucky enough to have a few clients who want to do something different with their looks. Maybe its the sun peeking out, or the settling in of the new year, who knows, but either way, Ive been able to think outside of the box!

I love when a client comes to me with a vague idea, and leaves the creativity up to me. When someone has no restrictions amazing things can happen!! I thought today I would just leave you with photos of the results of this last week. I hope you enjoy!!

I know there wasnt a whole lot of writing today, Ive been really busy working and getting ready to go camping this weekend. First time camping in years!! Im so excited. Dont worry, I'll take lots of photos, and start posting again on Monday. Have a fabulous weekend!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Raindrops are fallin on my head...

I feel like San Diego has seen more rain in the last few months than its seen in the last few years. I, nonetheless am not complaining. I am a what you would call a tratior to our cities weather. There is nothing I love more to waking up to the rain. The sound it makes, the smell it surrounds you with, the fashionable scarves and jackets. Not to mention, it is a perfect excuse to drink hot chocolate and eat cake. It is a really good thing I don't live in Seattle. It's really only reasonable to eat just so much cake. There is however one thing that does not love the rain ( well, one thing besides the entire city of San Diego). And that my friends is called Hair.

Because we see the rain so infrequently, when we do a lot of us ponytail it, throw a hat on or just leave the house with it wet. Its gonna get wet right? Why blow dry it? It may be a wives tale that you will catch a cold with wet hair, but what you may catch is frizz....Im not entirely sure which is worse! So in lieu of all this rain and cold (ok, it is still San Diego, so I will say cold-ish) weather I'd like to give you a few tips on caring for your hair until Spring.

1. The most important thins is to start off with a really good shampoo and conditioner. Enjoy has two that I would recommend for the winter. The Hydrating line, and the Luxury line. Both are sulfate free which basically means, without boring you with chemical breakdowns, no bad hair stripping agents. I would recommend the Hydrating line for all hair types, and the Luxury line for thicker, coarser hair. Both will help replenish any moisture that the weather has stripped.

2. If you color, heat style or otherwise chemically treat your hair, I would recommend a once a week deep conditioning treatment. There are two ways to do this. One is an in salon treatment which consists of applying the treatment, relaxing under heat for twenty minutes, rinsing and blowing out. I like to accompany this service with a hair cut. The other way is to buy a deep conditioning product, such as the Enjoy Hair Mask, and perform the treatment at home. The conditioning will not be as intense as an in salon service, but this is a really great way to be proactive in the matinence of your hair health. The most important thing I can say about deep conditioning treatments done at home is, read the directions! One of the most common things i see and hear is people leaving on a treatment, WAY longer than it should. In theory it makes sense. The longer I leave my conditioner on, the more conditioned it will be. Unfortunately, this is false. It can actually have the opposite effect. It can end up pulling the moisture from you hair, leaving it overly dry and brittle. Counter-productive at its finest. But if no one is there to tell you this, how are you going to know? Well now you have me ;)

3. A really great leave in will also help to insure your hair is not getting dried out. Enjoy has two types, one is a spray and the other is in a bottle. It just depends on your preference. I personally like the spray for when i get out of the shower, but some like to comb it in, in which case the bottle might be better.

4. If you have time in the morning, you should try to have your hair be as dry as possible before going out into the cold. Some people are afraid of blow drying because they think it is so bad for your hair. Well, it can be if you are over processing, not cutting, not conditioning, or basically just ignoring the fact that there is hair coming from the top of your head. But if you take care of your hair, there is no reason blow drying has to be forbidden. Apply a small amount of a smoothing serum on your hair, from the ears down, and blow dry and style as usual. If you absolutely refuse to blow dry your hair, try washing it at night so that it will be mostly dry in the morning. Again, apply a small amount of serum before heading out the door.

Does that sound like a lot? Lets recap.
1. Wash/Cond. hair ( most people already do this :) )
2. Once a week deep conditioner at home, or once every hair cut in salon treatment
3. Spray in/ comb through leave in conditioner ( I mean, you are already in the shower, right?)
4. Apply smoothing serum, either blow dry, or start with dry hair.
5. Buy an umbrella....just seein if you are paying attention

Sounds pretty easy! Great! Now you and I have a fool proof plan for getting your through those looong, cold winter months of San Diego...ok, sarcasm, but in all seriousness, this regimen is great for the rain, or the snow, or *gasp* the sun!

Or you could just buy a hat. But, consider yourself warned, hat hair is so not this season ;)

And here is a little teaser of tomorrows post on Jasmine at Mum's Custom Tattoos's fun new hair!!!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Sierra Colt's Domino Effect

Aaaahhhh mondays....
Normally mondays are the days I scramble around, getting everything in order for the upcoming week. Luckily for me I had a nice relaxing weekend. I was also able to accomplish the necessities of life, which now leaves me feeling happy and calm going into my Tuesday. I wont bore you with the tedious details, but I will tell you that I organized and cleaned house. Not just actually, but metaphorically as well. While going through this process, I started to think about the last six years I've spent in San Diego. How far I've come since I first rolled up, not knowing a soul, not having a plan, and having no idea how I was going to get to where I knew I wanted to be. (I know, most people call this their "20's", but I have a feeling there is more to it!) Ya know that whole "everything happens for a reason" thing? I believe it's what got me to where I am at, and Im calling that reason Sierra Colt.

I moved here, knowing not one person. I was working at a pretty awful place that we will call Chain Salon X. I was lonely, hating my job and knew there was more my life and career could offer not only me but others as well. As fate would have it (everything happens for a reason) I wanted a tattoo. I was kinda in the scene back home, but had no idea where to go out here. Rather than ask around, ya know, the whole 3 people I knew from Chain Salon X, I just started walking. I wandered into a place downtown and started talking to a guy named Sierra. Yes, you heard me right, a guy named Sierra. I instantly felt at home. We started off small with a few stars behind my ears. We became friends pretty instantly. I would stop by the shop just to say hi now and then. (no, i wasn't stalking him, give me a break, he was my ONLY friend) Eventually we developed a meaningful friendship AND a plan for a much larger tattoo on my back ;) This meant a lot more shop time. During one of my appointments, I mentioned that there was an unfortunate incident at Chain Salon X and I would now need to find another job. (don't worry, it had nothing to do with my ability to do hair, just some corporate nonsense) Sierra mentioned that his boss was opening a Salon in Pacific Beach and I should go check it out, he was sure they'd hire me. Great I thought, what an opportunity! Now if I can only figure out where Pacific Beach is....

To make a very long story short, I found Pacific Beach, found the salon and landed the job. This job and the people I met there, shaped everything thing leading up to where I am now. I met a best friend (who I ended up opening CherryBomb with). I made long lasting friendships, with people who i feel lucky to have in my life today. I met amazing clients, most who are still with me now. I met dating partners, debate partners, drinking partners and even ended up meeting my amazing boyfriend, who is now my life partner. If it were not for the "luck" (everything happens for a reason) of me walking into that particular tattoo shop, the kindness and comfort I encountered there, the domino effects that followed, or for a man named Sierra Colt, my life could have ended up very differently.

He may have no idea how much he has supported me, pushed me, promoted me, inspired me, or even if he just was at the right place at the right time. I have no idea where or what my life would be like today if I had walked into another shop. But I do know one thing....

Everything happens for a reason ;)


ps. if you too want some "lucky, life changing" tattoos go to Sierra

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mum's Custom Tattoo

This is Buju! Look at that face!! She has two eyes I swear. She just wanted to wink for the camera. This girl is 10 months old and just a little thing. Her mommy trained her so well. She can sit, come, lie down and LOVES to chew on footballs. I heard she stole one from somebody at the park :) She loves people and is always down for someone to scratch behind the ears!
So wait, the title of this blog is a tattoo shop right? So why am I talking about a dog? There is a connection, I promise. I just see a little pibble face and I get off track!

Mum's Custom Tattoos shop just opened in Pacific Beach right around the corner from CherryBomb, and this Buju is the shop mascot. This little girl will be there to greet you when you walk in the door. What more of an incentive could you ask for to go in? Ok, Ok, I will try to control myself. In all seriousness, the people that work there are a great group of artists. When you walk in, after you pet Buju of course, all the artists have their portfolios on the table. This way depending on what you are looking for, you can decide which artist speaks to you artistically. I am not sure if you are aware of how similar the hair dressing world is to the tattoo world. When you find one, the other is usually close by. Because of this, I know each of these artists through different areas of my life over the years, so I can honestly tell you these guys are my friends.

Eric who is the owner assembled a talented bunch here. Brianna, Jim, Brent, Jasmine and of course, Eric, all do custom work. And its all good. If you are in the market for a new tattoo, I suggest you check these guys out. (there is a link under other things i like, aren't I nice to make it so easy for you?) The shop is really cool too! Its big and open, most importantly clean, and has so much awesome artwork on the walls. Its gotta chill vibe too. Ya know how when you walk into some tattoo shops and they have all this big attitude? I hate that. Yes I want a tattoo, yes I want a butterfly, and yes I want it on my hip...why are you making fun of me?? Well its not like that at all. They are nice to people who come to them. Ya know, the way it should be??
Here are some photos I took of the shop and some of the artists i took yesterday.

the new shop

Brent drawing

Brianna tattooing

People waiting to get a tattoo

Jim smiling for the camera

Jasmine being camera shy ;)

I had a really good time hanging out with these guys yesterday. I even have my new tattoo in the works...You will have to stay tuned to see what its going to be! But in the mean time, go see these guys. You wont be disappointed.

Oh, and it wouldn't really be "me" if I didn't leave you with one final photo of Buju...

I know, I'm in love too :)


Friday, March 5, 2010

CherryBomb Celebrates Our 3rd Year in March!!

Hi Everyone!!
 Well Ive got a lot to cover in my first blog, so bear with me.....

First of all, CherryBomb Hair Studio is celebrating our 3rd year this month!! I still cant believe it. It may seem cliche to say this, but I swear it feels like it was just yesterday that we were painting, and plumbing and tearing up tiles.. I love getting to tell my clients Ive known them for years! Most of them have followed me from my previous salon and they still trip out when we say we have been at our new location for three years.

I am excited to tell you about some changes that are taking place. We are getting a mini face lift. Ok its really more of like a deep chemical peel, but you get the idea. We are putting more art up on the wall, getting some cool retro furniture and doing some painting. You will want to come check it out. Its gonna be great. 

Now onto the good stuff. Its time I say a BIG THANK YOU to all of my clients. Three years is quite the achievement, and i certainly couldn't have done it with out you. So I have developed some pretty cool promotions to show my gratitude.....

1. During the month of March (our anniversary month) I am offering a free haircut with all color services. Wow...that's pretty cool.  But its only for this month, so get to it!!

2. Wanna tell people about me? If so you can earn yourself a free haircut (in any month), just for sending me 3 of your friends. You know people are askin you anyways! 

And ONE last cool promotion for you, 
3. Send me your birthdays, and receive 20% off your service in your birthday month. Gotta look good for all those parties right??

Oh, and be on the lookout for a pretty fantastic service Ill be offering in April...

Ok, so now that's outta the way, I wanna talk about a product we just starting carrying. Its the ENJOY Hair and Skin Treatment Oil (see photo above). This stuff is amazing. If you want shine in your hair, but dont want to have that "oily" look and feel, this stuff is for you. It makes the hair so soft, and healthy looking and smells sooooo amazing. I love putting in it my hair, and then rubbing the rest on my hands and skin. It absorbs instantly. I cant get enough of it, I swear.

Ok I think thats enough for you guys to have to read through tonight, but check back tomorrow because I will be talking about Mum's Tattoo in Pacific Beach. They just opened and have some GREAT people working there. And the house doggie is a fantastic bully puppy named Buju, so naturally I automatically love them!! 

Until tomorrow (or more realistically, sometime this weekend)....