Monday, March 22, 2010

Insert Witty Title Here....

Compared to the events of last week, this week had seemed kind of mundane. Well I guess that is not really fair to say since it is only monday, and my life is not really ever mundane, but I guess everything just seems to be moving at a molasses pace. I don't know if it was the excitement of the reporters, or the extremely nice weather, but for some reason last week I felt like my energy was endless. Cramming more words than usual into my sentences, buzzing around a little faster, and doing it all with a huge smile on my face. Sometime around Saturday that faded. Not to say I am not smiling, or working hard, its just that this week it seems a little tougher. I suppose it is normal that life catches up with you sometimes right?? I am still waiting for my robot parts ;)

There are a lot of cool things going on this week however. For one, it is the boyfriends birthday! He is pretty low key when it comes to his birthday. He goes on his annual boys snowboarding trip and then usually comes home, eats some food and passes out. Oh how different we are! If there is not cake involved in my birthday, its a big problem, for everyone! Ha! I managed to get him a pretty cool tumbler for his birthday though. Shopping for him is either really hard or really easy depending on how you look at it. You cant just go get him something you think he will like, because he wont. So that part is hard. But on the other hand he will tell you exactly what he wants, where to get it and usually send you the link on the computer too. Easy. Just no fun!

On the hair front, we have the "big cut" on Thursday. I am not sure who is more excited, me or the girl cutting all her hair off!! But i think it is me ;) I also have a few clients coming in that I haven't seen in ages, so I am looking forward to catching up with them. This actually brings me to something I have been meaning to talk about. Bear with me, we are veering way off track.

It is one of the cardinal rules of hair dressing that you do not talk much about yourself to your clients. (other big time no-no's include anything having to do with politics, religion or sex, just in case you were wondering). I have even received this advice as recent as two weeks ago. Always put the focus on them. They don't need to know much about you. What is your boyfriends name? Do you have kids? What did your weekend consist of. These are all questions we have been taught to side step when dealing with our clients. Now here is my problem: Have you MET me?? I would tell a random guy on a bus my life story if he asked me. (ummm can we say blog?) Now I know there is a time and a place of course, but Im wondering, are the rules are changing, or have I been misinterpreting my clients interest? I would consider almost all of my clients as friends also. They really seem genuinely interested in my life and the contents within. So Im kinda stuck. Do I continue to be myself and own that my clients like this part of me and obviously come to me because we mesh well? Or do I stop talking about myself and risk them thinking I am no longer engaging with them? What do you guys think? I think first and foremost you need to be true to who you are, or you will look like you are faking it ;)

Ok so with out going into too much detail, April's promotion is just around the corner. Ill give you a hint...It involves highlights. San Diego kinda goes from winter to summer, and we all want highlights in the summer! Don't think highlights=blonde. To me it means, softening, dimension, changing the color you like rocking best!! So be on the lookout :)


Ps. I didn't quit smoking. If you'd like to donate quitting aids ie; gums, patches, lobotomies, whatever...Please drop off at
1950 Balboa Ave
San Diego, Ca

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  1. Hey there, didn't know you were such an entertaining writer. Never thought I'd say that about the posted updates from a salon (sorry, hair studio) but I really did have fun reading. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I have an extra pack of lobotomies I can send your way along with a cd I really have been trying to remember to bring down to the post office. As they say....xo, josepi
    ps Santa Cruz says hi.