Friday, March 5, 2010

CherryBomb Celebrates Our 3rd Year in March!!

Hi Everyone!!
 Well Ive got a lot to cover in my first blog, so bear with me.....

First of all, CherryBomb Hair Studio is celebrating our 3rd year this month!! I still cant believe it. It may seem cliche to say this, but I swear it feels like it was just yesterday that we were painting, and plumbing and tearing up tiles.. I love getting to tell my clients Ive known them for years! Most of them have followed me from my previous salon and they still trip out when we say we have been at our new location for three years.

I am excited to tell you about some changes that are taking place. We are getting a mini face lift. Ok its really more of like a deep chemical peel, but you get the idea. We are putting more art up on the wall, getting some cool retro furniture and doing some painting. You will want to come check it out. Its gonna be great. 

Now onto the good stuff. Its time I say a BIG THANK YOU to all of my clients. Three years is quite the achievement, and i certainly couldn't have done it with out you. So I have developed some pretty cool promotions to show my gratitude.....

1. During the month of March (our anniversary month) I am offering a free haircut with all color services. Wow...that's pretty cool.  But its only for this month, so get to it!!

2. Wanna tell people about me? If so you can earn yourself a free haircut (in any month), just for sending me 3 of your friends. You know people are askin you anyways! 

And ONE last cool promotion for you, 
3. Send me your birthdays, and receive 20% off your service in your birthday month. Gotta look good for all those parties right??

Oh, and be on the lookout for a pretty fantastic service Ill be offering in April...

Ok, so now that's outta the way, I wanna talk about a product we just starting carrying. Its the ENJOY Hair and Skin Treatment Oil (see photo above). This stuff is amazing. If you want shine in your hair, but dont want to have that "oily" look and feel, this stuff is for you. It makes the hair so soft, and healthy looking and smells sooooo amazing. I love putting in it my hair, and then rubbing the rest on my hands and skin. It absorbs instantly. I cant get enough of it, I swear.

Ok I think thats enough for you guys to have to read through tonight, but check back tomorrow because I will be talking about Mum's Tattoo in Pacific Beach. They just opened and have some GREAT people working there. And the house doggie is a fantastic bully puppy named Buju, so naturally I automatically love them!! 

Until tomorrow (or more realistically, sometime this weekend)....


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