Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Have you ever heard the phrase “your mouth wrote a check that you’re a** cant cash”? Well, if you haven’t it goes something like this……

Boyfriend: Im going to quit smoking.
Me: Uh, Ok. I've heard that a million times.
BF: No seriously, I am actually going to do it this time.
Me: You have been saying that for months, and every weekend you try to quit and every Monday you start up again.
BF: You’ll see. You’re gonna have to eat your words.
Me: Ok whatever (eyes rolling), if you can make it a month without one cigarette, I’ll quit smoking.

And that is what you call your mouth writing a check that you’re a** cant cash.
So today marks the one month mark. However "somebody" (ahem...him) smoked all weekend while camping. So in fairness (because I'm a stickler for fairness), I told him I got to add three days onto my quit date for the days he cheated. Seems logical to me. Even though, really it is just prolonging the inevitable. Ugh. Now those of you that know and love me are thinking "this is great news! yay for quitting smoking!". But the ones who REALLY know and love me, know that when I attempt to quit smoking, their lives are made miserable with my insane demands, crying fits, and over all brattiness. Wish me and all those around me luck ;)

In other news, one of my rad hairdresser friends came to town last night. Her and I worked together at Chain Salon X (the horrid place from past posts) and when I went to work at the first salon in Pacific Beach, I persuaded her to leave the insanity and come with me. Little did either of us know an entire different type of insanity was about to take place, but thats another story. All in all we have worked together for about three years. Unfortunately she moved back to her home town a few years back. People always say they will keep in touch, or we will still talk all the time, but everyone knows it never really happens like that. Luckily for us we are those special type of friends where you cannot see someone for three years, get together, and pick up exactly where you left off.

We planned a girls dinner last night at Mama Mia's (the ridiculously amazing italian restaurant next to CherryBomb). It was all the OG (original) girls at that first salon in Pacific Beach. Minus one huge part of the group who is living in Reno and couldn't make it down for this visit (but was totally there in spirit since we talked about her frequently). I was in need of some good conversation, good friends and of course chocolate. It was such a touching night. One of those nights where you think "god, I am so lucky to have these people in my life", and also " still remember that one night we swore we would never talk about again?" ;) We all have had some intense things happen to us since we had last seen each other, so there were a lot of tears, but thankfully followed by a ton of laughter.

One thing I do want to share with you though is the history of my name LadyFireFury. When we all went to work at the start up salon, we had a lot of time on our hands. We thought of all kinds of clever things to attract new clients, like hula hooping out front, creating essentially a living room on our front patio, lounging in the sun, etc. Someone brought us a book called "How to be a Villain". Upon going through it they had a page with three columns on it. The point was to choose a name from each column and that was your villain name. So of course immediately we all wanted to pick ours! Column 1...well, I'm more of a lady than a countess, so we will go with Lady. Column 2... Im a fire sign, so naturally I'm gonna pick Fire. Column 3....Hmmm, this is a tough one...Heart? No, that doesn't sound right, Hammer? No, that is all wrong. Fury, Yes thats is, LadyFireFury! And hence my alter ego was born.

Here is all of us on Halloween.

May we all continue to grow in our own directions, but always know that no matter what, we will all still love and support each other, no matter what, even if we are acting like "villains".

That was a lot more long winded than I had intended. I have some really cool stuff to talk about regarding a hair cut I am doing next week, but I know you guys have lives so Ill wait until tomorrow. But....Lets just say, there is going to be more than 10' of donated hair involved in this hair cut. OMG, I cant wait!!


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  1. I was actually about to ask you if your man made the one month mark. Hopefully writing will help you keep your mind off of smoking when the time comes for you to quit :)