Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Raindrops are fallin on my head...

I feel like San Diego has seen more rain in the last few months than its seen in the last few years. I, nonetheless am not complaining. I am a what you would call a tratior to our cities weather. There is nothing I love more to waking up to the rain. The sound it makes, the smell it surrounds you with, the fashionable scarves and jackets. Not to mention, it is a perfect excuse to drink hot chocolate and eat cake. It is a really good thing I don't live in Seattle. It's really only reasonable to eat just so much cake. There is however one thing that does not love the rain ( well, one thing besides the entire city of San Diego). And that my friends is called Hair.

Because we see the rain so infrequently, when we do a lot of us ponytail it, throw a hat on or just leave the house with it wet. Its gonna get wet right? Why blow dry it? It may be a wives tale that you will catch a cold with wet hair, but what you may catch is frizz....Im not entirely sure which is worse! So in lieu of all this rain and cold (ok, it is still San Diego, so I will say cold-ish) weather I'd like to give you a few tips on caring for your hair until Spring.

1. The most important thins is to start off with a really good shampoo and conditioner. Enjoy has two that I would recommend for the winter. The Hydrating line, and the Luxury line. Both are sulfate free which basically means, without boring you with chemical breakdowns, no bad hair stripping agents. I would recommend the Hydrating line for all hair types, and the Luxury line for thicker, coarser hair. Both will help replenish any moisture that the weather has stripped.

2. If you color, heat style or otherwise chemically treat your hair, I would recommend a once a week deep conditioning treatment. There are two ways to do this. One is an in salon treatment which consists of applying the treatment, relaxing under heat for twenty minutes, rinsing and blowing out. I like to accompany this service with a hair cut. The other way is to buy a deep conditioning product, such as the Enjoy Hair Mask, and perform the treatment at home. The conditioning will not be as intense as an in salon service, but this is a really great way to be proactive in the matinence of your hair health. The most important thing I can say about deep conditioning treatments done at home is, read the directions! One of the most common things i see and hear is people leaving on a treatment, WAY longer than it should. In theory it makes sense. The longer I leave my conditioner on, the more conditioned it will be. Unfortunately, this is false. It can actually have the opposite effect. It can end up pulling the moisture from you hair, leaving it overly dry and brittle. Counter-productive at its finest. But if no one is there to tell you this, how are you going to know? Well now you have me ;)

3. A really great leave in will also help to insure your hair is not getting dried out. Enjoy has two types, one is a spray and the other is in a bottle. It just depends on your preference. I personally like the spray for when i get out of the shower, but some like to comb it in, in which case the bottle might be better.

4. If you have time in the morning, you should try to have your hair be as dry as possible before going out into the cold. Some people are afraid of blow drying because they think it is so bad for your hair. Well, it can be if you are over processing, not cutting, not conditioning, or basically just ignoring the fact that there is hair coming from the top of your head. But if you take care of your hair, there is no reason blow drying has to be forbidden. Apply a small amount of a smoothing serum on your hair, from the ears down, and blow dry and style as usual. If you absolutely refuse to blow dry your hair, try washing it at night so that it will be mostly dry in the morning. Again, apply a small amount of serum before heading out the door.

Does that sound like a lot? Lets recap.
1. Wash/Cond. hair ( most people already do this :) )
2. Once a week deep conditioner at home, or once every hair cut in salon treatment
3. Spray in/ comb through leave in conditioner ( I mean, you are already in the shower, right?)
4. Apply smoothing serum, either blow dry, or start with dry hair.
5. Buy an umbrella....just seein if you are paying attention

Sounds pretty easy! Great! Now you and I have a fool proof plan for getting your through those looong, cold winter months of San Diego...ok, sarcasm, but in all seriousness, this regimen is great for the rain, or the snow, or *gasp* the sun!

Or you could just buy a hat. But, consider yourself warned, hat hair is so not this season ;)

And here is a little teaser of tomorrows post on Jasmine at Mum's Custom Tattoos's fun new hair!!!


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  1. I want my hair to look like Jasmines! Maybe next time?