Friday, March 19, 2010

Celebrity Scandal, Reality TV and How it Relates to me...

What a bizarre last few days...

So by now pretty much everybody has heard about the "alleged" affair Jesse James had with a tattoo model. Well unless of course you live under a rock, or abhor celebrity gossip. So what does any of this have to do with me? Well nothing...well nothing really anyways.

San Diego has a lot of sub cultures. Hair and tattoos are two of them. Remember when I told you that hair dressers and the tattoo are very closely related? Well this is just another example of this. This tattoo model lives in San Diego and is a former hair dresser. Guess what salon she used to own? Yup. CherryBomb Salon.

Now this does not mean I worked with her. She abandoned the business two years before we ever even got involved with it. We are renting the spot that her salon was in. We changed the name from CherryBomb Salon, to CherryBomb Hair Studio. Since her name is still attached to the location, we have had reporters all over us the last few days. Every huge gossip news mag stepped into our place and/or called our individual cell numbers. My phone has never blown up so much. But we were not friends or anything. Now, with that said, I do know who she is. I have met her, but I wouldn't say I know her. But I do have friends that do. I have seen her at shows, tattoo conventions, around town, etc. You also know that I know ALOT of people in the tattoo industry and have a majority of friends that are covered head to toe in them. So by default, I am in both the hair AND tattoo sub culture. So to make a long story short...I never thought in any way I would some how be connected to celebrity gossip. Damn, its a small world we live in.

Speaking of which....Does anyone recognize either of the people in this photo?

This is Liz and her brand new Fiance Andy. Not sure which one you are supposed to recognize? Ill give you a tiny hint, It's Liz ;) Liz was a character/personality on Vh1's show Tough Love 2. She is also a faithful client of mine. When it came time to do her hair on the show, she whined and moaned because she didn't want ANYONE touching it except me. Gotta love her. Well she didn't find love on the show, but she managed to snag her adorable fiance shortly after filming TL 2. I had the pleasure of both meeting him and doing his hair yesterday. They truly are a great match. The energy of their meshing personalities is infectious. They are going to be auditioning for a new reality show for TLC where wedding planners vie for the chance to plan an $80, 000 wedding of the couples dreams! Lets all wish them luck, because I heard the details of their "dream" wedding and I promise you, this is something we are all gonna wanna see!!

Ok, last but not least, I have been telling you about a hair cut I am doing next week that I am so excited about. This is the cut Im doing..

As I mentioned before, the person I am doing it on has very long hair! So this is going to be so fun! As for the donation part of my last post, my client will be donating all the hair that we cut to Locks of Love, which makes wigs for kids with cancer. When I do the cut next week and post all the photos, I will give you all the contact info for Locks of Love and incorporate their mission statement, how to donate and more!

I am so looking forward to this weekend. I think Im going to try to sleep in tomorrow! But then I have to hit the salon. I must remind you, the end of march is nearing, and that Anniversary special will expire April 1st, so please book soon if you wanna take advantage!


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