Monday, March 8, 2010

Sierra Colt's Domino Effect

Aaaahhhh mondays....
Normally mondays are the days I scramble around, getting everything in order for the upcoming week. Luckily for me I had a nice relaxing weekend. I was also able to accomplish the necessities of life, which now leaves me feeling happy and calm going into my Tuesday. I wont bore you with the tedious details, but I will tell you that I organized and cleaned house. Not just actually, but metaphorically as well. While going through this process, I started to think about the last six years I've spent in San Diego. How far I've come since I first rolled up, not knowing a soul, not having a plan, and having no idea how I was going to get to where I knew I wanted to be. (I know, most people call this their "20's", but I have a feeling there is more to it!) Ya know that whole "everything happens for a reason" thing? I believe it's what got me to where I am at, and Im calling that reason Sierra Colt.

I moved here, knowing not one person. I was working at a pretty awful place that we will call Chain Salon X. I was lonely, hating my job and knew there was more my life and career could offer not only me but others as well. As fate would have it (everything happens for a reason) I wanted a tattoo. I was kinda in the scene back home, but had no idea where to go out here. Rather than ask around, ya know, the whole 3 people I knew from Chain Salon X, I just started walking. I wandered into a place downtown and started talking to a guy named Sierra. Yes, you heard me right, a guy named Sierra. I instantly felt at home. We started off small with a few stars behind my ears. We became friends pretty instantly. I would stop by the shop just to say hi now and then. (no, i wasn't stalking him, give me a break, he was my ONLY friend) Eventually we developed a meaningful friendship AND a plan for a much larger tattoo on my back ;) This meant a lot more shop time. During one of my appointments, I mentioned that there was an unfortunate incident at Chain Salon X and I would now need to find another job. (don't worry, it had nothing to do with my ability to do hair, just some corporate nonsense) Sierra mentioned that his boss was opening a Salon in Pacific Beach and I should go check it out, he was sure they'd hire me. Great I thought, what an opportunity! Now if I can only figure out where Pacific Beach is....

To make a very long story short, I found Pacific Beach, found the salon and landed the job. This job and the people I met there, shaped everything thing leading up to where I am now. I met a best friend (who I ended up opening CherryBomb with). I made long lasting friendships, with people who i feel lucky to have in my life today. I met amazing clients, most who are still with me now. I met dating partners, debate partners, drinking partners and even ended up meeting my amazing boyfriend, who is now my life partner. If it were not for the "luck" (everything happens for a reason) of me walking into that particular tattoo shop, the kindness and comfort I encountered there, the domino effects that followed, or for a man named Sierra Colt, my life could have ended up very differently.

He may have no idea how much he has supported me, pushed me, promoted me, inspired me, or even if he just was at the right place at the right time. I have no idea where or what my life would be like today if I had walked into another shop. But I do know one thing....

Everything happens for a reason ;)


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