Monday, January 3, 2011

Ringing in the new year, one day at a time

Well here we are in 2011. It is of course still in its infancy stage, but so far so good. I myself do not do resolutions, but I am not really opposed to them for other people. I just know myself all to well to know that I will fold when it comes to any kind of will power. I was born with out it. I have ALWAYS and probably always will be more into instant gratification. This has been both a gift and a curse. If you know anything about astrology, you could totally blame it on the fact that I am a Sagittarius, or you could just blame it on my parents, neither who are strangers to doing/eating/getting/buying what they want, when they want it.

I usually kick myself around the time my pants don't fit, or upon realizing that new pair of shoes seem pretty ridiculous now that I can't pay my rent. Yes, I am 33. You think I would have learned these lessons by now. But alas, no.

Although my mother has many amazing skills and talents, budgeting when I was growing up really wasn't one of them. I'll never forget her saying to me..." I never spend outside of my means, I just happen to know I make a lots of means." So this is my new plan. Rather than budgeting, I will just make more money!! Sounds logical to me!

All kidding aside, (I am not actually kidding, but if I didn't say that, my mom would be upset), the future is creeping up along side me faster than I had planned. I have friends who are buying houses, and I have like three bucks in my savings account. The boyfriend asked me the other day if I have a 401k or a retirement account. Ha. I literally lol'd. I don't know exactly how I thought this growing up thing was gonna go down, but I obviously didn't think preparation was part of it. I'm supposed to have a plan? No one told me that! Oh except my mom, about a zillion times. You would think I was a former addict with my one day at a time mentality, but no, just a take it as it comes kinda girl. I have a confession to make though. Its really not working out in my favor. You could tell the boyfriend was a little put off by my cavalier attitude about my (and I suppose his) future. It was the exact same face my mother has been giving me for years. I am only going to be able to say, "yeah, yeah and yeah" for so many more years before its way too late and I am 65 living off social security(if there is even any left by then) and using a shopping cart for my vehicle. Its a frightening dream sequence at best.

I say all this with a sense of humor, but I am sure you can detect my humility in all of it as well. It is not something I am super proud of, or excited about. If I could do things differently, I would like to think I would make some better choices. But I can not turn back time. (However, an important kid in my life said she was going to go to college, get real smart and work on making a teleport time machine.....fingers crossed)!

So I already told you I don't do resolutions, but I suppose I could just make better choices. Im pretty sure it wouldn't kill me. (although if it does, I'm blaming boyfriend and my mom). How hard could it be? So instead of, " I will lose weight", it will become, "I wont eat that 2nd piece of cake". "I will save money" becomes, " I don't really need that black shirt that looks exactly like the other 15 black shirts I have in the closet". Ok, I am getting the hang of this. Its just choices. Not scary at all! Look at me all fearless.....

Now who wants to call my credit card companies?

Happy New Years Everyone.

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