Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Game On...

When I was a teenager I worked at Deli. I didn't just come out of the womb doing hair ya know. There was a whole point of self discovery involved in my early twenties that led me down the Cosmetology path. So before that, I slung ham and cheese and turkey on rye. I had a certain amount of control there. I was young, but responsible, pretty reliable and I could make a mean sandwich. Every once in a while I used that control to benefit myself.

You know when you are trying to think of something, but no matter what you do, it doesn't come to mind? Its the most annoying feelings in the world. You know you know who sang "The rhythm is gonna get you", but for the life of you, you cant remember. These occurrences often abound during some sort of bet. The stakes are high, and your brain is out drinking a mai tai on the beach. This would constantly happen to me at work. (mind you, there was no Internet, no iPhone in those days). So I would do what anyone would do with Deli control would do in my position. The first person to answer my question got a free sandwich. I got my answer, and they got free lunch. Harmless, well I guess not to the person doing inventory, but MY problem was solved and I could go on thinking about something else ;p

Fifteen years later and I still like to play games, and I still like to give away free stuff to the people who can answer my questions. So how does any of this relate to you? Do you like free hair services or product? Do you like to brag about how well you know the people in your life? Well now is your chance to do both: Game On....

I'm going to ask ten questions about myself (ranging from pretty easy to downright challenging). The first person who gets all ten right, will receive a free service of their choice. Since I am doubting anyone will be able to accomplish this, I am going to give fifty percent off of a service of your choice to the first person who can get a fifty percent or higher. ( I encourage all of you to play, even if you don't know me that well, you never know...) Not a client of mine? Don't worry, if you win, I will send you twenty dollars worth of salon quality product of your choice. Are you ready?? GO...

1. What is my favorite isle in Target?
2. What is my (other) dream job?
3. If I couldn't have a pit bull, what would be my second choice of dog?
4. If I can only travel to one place in my life, where would it be?
5. What job did I do as a teenager? (ya know how on the SAT's where they ask a question about what you just read to see if you were paying attention?)
6. Where am I from?
7. What is my favorite weather?
8. What group of animals am I not scared of, but should be?
9. What is my guilty pleasure TV show?
10. What was the other option for my name, if I weren't named Casey?

So there ya go. You have 5 days to complete this and send me your answers to Crzyluck@Hotmail.com or my Facebook inbox.
I will announce the winner Monday afternoon as well as the answers. Good Luck :)


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