Friday, April 9, 2010

to you, live from my living room...

I am currently on what you would call a "stay-cation". Is it a beachfront cottage in Jamaica? Is it a villa in Italy? Is it an action packed Vegas trip? Well, no. Its my living room, right here in Poway, California, but it is relaxing nonetheless. When it comes to vacation, beggars cant be choosers. So I am catching up on my neglected dvr, organizing my closet and napping when ever I feel fit. It is amazing how content I can be doing absolutely nothing. So many people would become restless, or even go stir crazy, but nope, not me. As long as I have Starbucks and Netflix, I'm good.

Speaking of catching up on shows, I just watched the finale of Shear Genius. For those of you not familiar, it is a reality show about hair dressers. It is on Bravo and has the same concept as Top Chef, only its about hair. I was seriously underwhelmed with the winner. I mean in all honesty, you have to be immensely talented to even get on that show, so of course they are all way qualified to be the winner, but I felt some outshone others. But it is reality TV, and they do want ratings, so I am sure that was their motivation. It was just disappointing. This is who would have been my pick


So inspiring!!

Well I have some exciting things going on this weekend, so be on the lookout for posts including : Woofstock 2010, A girls Brunch (restaurant review), and the good, bad and ugly on bangs!!

Bye for now...


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