Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's dog's world, we're just along for the ride

I had such an eventful weekend. I am exhausted and my house is in disarray, but it was totally worth it. On my agenda was Woofstock 2010, Buju's 1st Birthday party, and an awesome girls brunch at the Naked Cafe in Solana Beach. Here is my photo diary of how it all unfolded.

Woofstock 2010. A festival with a 60's theme, full of vendors, food, agility events and some great dog (and I guess people too) socialization. Take a look...

Buju's 1st Birthday Party In Ocean Beach. I am sure you guys remember her from my post on Mum's Tattoo. Hers is not a face you would soon forget. Well she turned one year old yesterday and I felt honored to be invited to her birthday party. She had so much fun and is such an ambassador for Pit Bulls. Her human parents (Briana and Adam) have done such a wonderful job of training and socializing her, that where ever they take her, they can show off their hard work. She truly is a special girl. (note her fancy pink collar, only pretty princess birthday girls get to wear them). All she wanted for her birthday was a football, and eventually she got her wish. There are also pictures of all of her doggie friends invited to her birthday bash."Whiskey", the four month old Australian Shepard, who was enjoying her first time to the beach. And Lucy, a fellow pit bull, sharing in all the fun. See for yourself...

The Naked Cafe Breakfast in Solana Beach. All I can say is, YUM! This place is amazing. They have a very similar menu to the Mission Cafe, due to a past partnership. They focus on healthy, mostly vegetarian, (with vegan options as well) hearty food for people with a sophisticated palette. I ordered soy chorizo burrito with egg whites and avocado, garnished with black beans and tomatoes. Man I wish I hadn't forgot my box of leftovers on the table, because I would love to revisit this meal again. My breakfast partners ordered the Ying Yang (egg whites, avocado, jalapenos, black beans, sour cream, potatoes, cheese and salsa) and the Green Transcendence Wrap, with a giant side of quinoa. Oh and lets not forget the Blackberry and Banana pancake for dessert. Enjoy for yourselves.....

Well that pretty much rounds out my weekend. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.



  1. had a blast seeing you and Steph! Wow, you did a great job caputring the yumminess of our breakfast! As always, lively conversation and lots of positive vibes! Hope to see you again soon! lots of love! S

  2. Great photos of Whiskey's big day at the beach! Awesome to meet you! Happy Birthday, Buju! She is such a great dog!