Monday, April 19, 2010

You win some, You lose some..

Im gonna keep this kinda short today...

Well unfortunately there were no winners in the game. I guess i made my answers too hard :/ But as promised I will give you the answers so you guys can see which ones you guys right and which ones you got wrong. Here it goes:

1. My favorite isle at Target, is the camping isle. Now I know this doesnt make sense to you since i admitted my inexperience with such things, buuuuut....have you seen how cute those miniature tents and sleeping bags are ;)

2. My (other) dream job is to be a professional cake tester. Now I know this one wasnt really fair, since most guessed it had something to do with animals, however, i did say "dream" job. Haha.

3. If I couldnt have a pitbull, my second choice of dog would be the papilion. Dont judge me!

4. I am obsessed with all things japanese. Including japan. SO that would be the one and only place I would give up all other travels for.

5. I am so happy that all of you got this one right. If you hadnt I would be seriously worried.

6. I am from Santa Cruz, Ca

7. I have always, no matter what, preferred the rain to anything else.

8. I am not afraid of large cats. The just look like big kitties to me. My boyfriend is sure this is what will kill me.

9. 90120. Past, present and future ;)

10. Brianna. But Brianna Ferrara sounded ridiculous.

So there ya have it. Im not so exciting am I? Haha.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. ( I am really into using the word "fantastic" right now so you may see it repeatedly, I will try to keep in at a minimum).

Possible raw fish excursion tomorrow...Keep posted.


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