Thursday, April 29, 2010

I spy with my little eye...

.......Something that is black.

Oh right, that's my new coffee table from Ikea. Twenty bucks is a very low price to pay for something to actually match in my living room. So thanks Ikea for saving my sanity. Next is curtains, bed linens, throw pillow, and whatever else they will make and sell in mass production so I can make my house a little more "homey".

I have been a little mia lately. I know. I'm sorry. This happens every year at this time. All of a sudden i feel a little...hmmm...ho hum i guess. Now I don't want to say depressed because then people get all worried, everyone calls and asks you to "go on walks" with them, and try to do anything to get you out of your funk. I'm OK, I promise. No need to commit me just yet. Its more like being just a little blah. I wanna sleep a little longer, eat a little more, and watch a lot of TV. It occurred to me today what this phenomenon is...May Gray, and June Gloom. It only took me seven years of living in San Diego to make this connection. Hey, I never claimed to be the most observant of people. This is what it looks like on a daily basis for two months:

So some tips on avoiding what I like to call San Diego's spring blues. Upbeat music is key. Try wearing brighter colors, even if its just silly socks. Hug the people you love. Get a pet. Watch comedies. And as Ikea can thank me later for, shop!! I think I'm gonna buy these:

And maybe this:

Everyone needs a cupcake apron, dontcha think?

While googling, i came across this and I thought it would be rude of me not to share:
Funny Shopping Bags

Speaking of shopping, I just got a new phone (dude, nothing beats retail therapy). This phone is awesome. It does so many things, i don't think i even have a need for friends anymore. (kidding, relax) But in all seriousness, it is a Samsung Moment, on the sprint network (I'm gonna be in contract with sprint til about 2057, so I might as well get a good phone out of it). It uses the Android system so i have been having a blast downloading all kinds of apps. I have an app that will look up every dog breed there is and give me photos, bios, history, if I could get it to wag its tail and lick my face, I wouldn't need to ever get a dog! I also have an app that when i am in a place I am not familiar with, it will locate every Starbucks in a near by radius. Since i am an official junkie of Starbucks Chai, this will come in quite handy. I can use the phone as a metal detector, bar code scanner, map, music player, star finder (the kind in the sky, not the glittery Hollywood ones, although I am sure there is an app for that too), diet tool, compass, oh and I can even use to it make calls too. See what I mean...

I have never been a purse girl, or a shoe girl. I have always been a phone girl. It mystifies most people in my life. I suppose it is a little strange that I get more excited over a new phone than just about anything else, but i cant help it. The even stranger thing is that I'm not really even that much of a techie. I don't even know how to do most of the stuff that the phones can do. Unless its super obvious (remember, I'm not very observant), i probably will never know how to do it. That's why this one is so great. Click here, the phone does this. Click there, the phone does that. Perfect.

I have one fish in a very large fish tank in my living room. Seems kinda like this fish is living in what would be the equivalent to a single person living in a twenty bedroom house. But he seems happy in there. Well he did until my cat discovered there was actually something in there. She sits in front of it all day, batting at the poor fish. I don't know who I feel worse for. The fish who is being batted behind glass, or the cat that hasn't figured out that she will never be able to get in there to actually get the fish. Ive tried to tell her its a lost cause, but she apparently is a masochist.

I tried to take a photo of this for you, but they are both being uncooperative. Sorry.

Well, I suppose that is all for now. I am planning on getting some little paw prints tattooed somewhere on my body in the near future. I'm thinking the foot. I will post pics when I end up doing it. Plus I think there is a girls brunch at a good restaurant in my future. All well be documented for your voyeuristic pleasure :)

Oh, April is almost over. Last chance to get a free conditioning treatment with highlights. May is approaching, and I am cooking up ideas for promotions. Check back.


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  1. did you know I sew reusable shopping bags? They fold into themselves into a neat little rectangle too :)

    We used to have that same coffee table from Ikea. I love that place so much.